Welcome to reactive-robot - the super-small, high-performance reactive state management library designed specifically for react. With reactive-robot, you get these features:

  • -reactive, event-based state management
  • -completely typesafe in javascript and typescript
  • -fake state updates - precise control of rendering for maximum performance
  • -0 dependencies
  • -minimal configuration
  • -no magic
  • -minimal rules for how you interact with your data
  • -node.js and SSR compatible, no browser required
  • -decoupled architecture with optional global store or stores
  • -simple, straightforward api
  • -simplifies testing and mocking
  • -easy to understand, scale and maintain
  • -battle tested and highly optimized
  • -super-small, less than 20 lines of code
  • -fully open source - install with npm or just copy the code and own it

The documentation explains things and will help you get started. The api covers how to use reactive-robot in your application. The code is the actual reactive-robot source code. You can copy it and customize it to your needs.